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Saffron Spices

If you are looking for Indian cooking, you are at the right place.

We make the spice blend that makes cooking Indian cuisine an easy and enjoyable process. Our one spice allows you to explore countless cooking possibilities.

Indian Cuisine
Through the ages, Indian cuisine has mystified and mesmerized the world with its intricate flavors and aromatic spices. Somewhere along the way, the cuisine has become identified exclusively with curry. The rich and diverse styles of this traditional cuisine have lost its identity.

Traditionally, authentic Indian cooking requires the use of many different spices, all in the right proportions. Procuring just enough, but not too much of all the spices can be a challenge.

Saffron Spices Inc., brings back the diverse styles of the traditional cuisine beyond curry by using:

Touch of India Spice – A simple cooking solution to a complex Indian cuisine